Our Advantages

We do not focus on the Quantity. We focus on Quality. Repeat business is what we are known for.

Inquire & experience our “In-House A-Z” solutions that deliver results, not promises.

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    10+ successful years in Watch making busines

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    From the very beginning to the very end, 100% Transparency in every aspect

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    All Inclusive Pricing

    All expenses and costs are communicated upfront with nothing hidden in between

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    Low Minimum-Order-Quanities

    We understand the risks associated with placing large orders upfront. Thats why we offer flexible & low MOQs

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    Full Warranty & Guarantee

    We offer 24 months Manufacturer's Warranty to cover your product

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    Lifetime Support

    Even after the 24 months of warranty, we offer the best support & maintenance programs for our clients

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    Flexible Payment System

    Starting a new watch collection or any business requires significant startup funds. We understand it & offer flexibility when it comes to getting started

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    Marketing Support

    We understand the watch industry & how to brand your product within. Our team can help design & execute an effective Marketing Strategy