Cash Crop Halophytes: Recent Studies: 10 Years after Al Ain by Hans-Werner Koyro (auth.), Helmut Lieth, Marina Mochtchenko

By Hans-Werner Koyro (auth.), Helmut Lieth, Marina Mochtchenko (eds.)

This quantity is a landmark within the improvement of the of pilot plantations with a purpose to reveal the eco­ halophyte ecology examine and improvement for the logical sustainability and the commercial feasibility of saline irrigated creation platforms. following purposes: This e-book is meant to supply beginning issues for 1. the amount brings jointly contributions from paintings at numerous degrees of analysis from body structure many nations from which in a different way little infor­ via chemistry and functional purposes to taxon­ mation comes in the overseas literature. omy and floristic analyses. the quantity is dependent during this manner and indicates the various techniques attainable 2. the amount summarises via person con­ in several elements of the realm constrained by way of the curiosity of tributors the nation of study probabilities in lots of the neighborhood scientists, laboratory and financial assets constructing international locations. to be had or prompt through the kind of details three. the amount records the most recent paintings through the mem­ wanted for extra reports. bers of the ecu Union's Concerted motion in the direction of the tip of this e-book we document at the initi­ team "Sustainable utilisation of halophytes within the ation of the hot medical society facing the Mediterranean and subtropical dry regions". difficulties to be solved to create new funds crop halo­ phytes that's a great deal wanted for the instant four. the amount experiences contributions from the paintings­ destiny in lots of constructing international locations with desolate tract or store held first and foremost of the EXPO 2000, semi desolate tract climates.

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Bouzid of potassium, despite the inhibiting effect ofNa+ on its accumulation. In fact, though the plant supply in Ca ++ and K+ was disturbed, the contents of this last were maintained to a minimal level, even at 30 gil NaCI. Our results indicated a NaCI stimulating effect at optimal concentrations on the foliar PEPC activity, in agreement with Shomer-Ilan and Waisel (1973), Passera and Albuzio (1977) and Kore-eda et aI. (1996). On the contrary, other authors have mentioned the inhibitory effect of this salt (Osmond and Greenway, 1972).

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R. In vitro salt tolerance of cell wall enzymes from halophytes and glycophytes. J Exp Bot 1996; 47:1717-24. M. and Ungar, LA. Effect of salinity on growth, ion content, and cell wall chemistry in Atriplex prostrata (Chenopodiaceae). Am J Bot 1997; 84: 1247-55. R. Salinity resistance: Physiologies and prices. Physiol Plant 58:214-22. R. I. Ion transport in Suaeda maritima: its relation to growth and implications for the pathway of radial transport of ions across the root. J Exp Bot 1986; 37:143-59.

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