Careers in education by Roy A Edelfelt; Alan Reiman

By Roy A Edelfelt; Alan Reiman

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That is, English and social studies are taught in an integrated mode, and the teacher also serves in a guidance capacity similar to that of a homeroom teacher. The core curriculum seems to ebb and flow in popularity. Where public school programs have become more conservative in philosophy, the focus is more on a separate course for each subject. Special-area teachers in such fields as computer science, foreign languages, health, home economics, and industrial arts join with those in art, music, and physical education to provide a broader program of studies in many middle and junior high schools.

Political Influences on Teaching and Schooling Following the launch of Sputnik in 1957, political, industrial, and military leaders, as well as citizens across the country, became highly concerned about the adequacy and quality of American education. The resulting efforts have not affected teachers directly, but they have gradually changed a number of the nation’s educational goals and policies. Perhaps most important, they have drawn attention to the importance of education. A fairly recent example occurred in 1989.

1 lists the most common categories of teachers, the types of schools in which they teach, and the kinds of teaching licenses that they must hold. Clear differentiations in teaching are made among kindergarten, elementary school, middle and junior high school, high school, and specialarea teachers (teachers who work in fields other than the core subjects). Usually, though, state departments of education promulgate program and licensure requirements only for elementary, secondary, and special-area teachers.

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