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This implies trying to forge a practical unity between our intellectual activity and political intervention in the labour movement, in local politics and in national politics. This begs the question of what sort of politics we're aiming at. Historically, the CSE clearly developed in opposition to the sort of social-democracy represented by Crosland, Wilson, Callaghan and co . But our determined non-sectarianism has brought in members of all parties and groups to the left of that-and many who are members of none (who are disproportionately found among the 'CSE cadres') .

Within the various parties and groups on the left, economic issues assumed a new importance, but there seemed to be very few adequate answers to the questions raised : why was British capitalism declining? Why was inflation increasing? What were the implications of EEC membership, or the breakdown of Bretton Woods? One aspect of the growth of the left was a new concern with overcoming its fragmentation . The influx of a new generation less moulded by C & C 10-D 44 CAPITAL & CLASS sectarianism had a lot to do with this, but just as important was the practical co-operation of militants in the anti-Vietnam mobilisations and the fight against the Labour government's trade union legislation .

Sec for example the records of the Manchester Labour College, Box 71, 7 NCLC papers, Scottish National Library . For a more detailed discussion of the significance of Dietzgen's ideas in 8 the curriculum of the labour colleges, see Phillips and Putnam, 'The Scientific Education of the Proletariat in Transition', papers for CSE Annual Conference, 1978 . See for example, Challinor, 1977b, postscript . ' Maurice Dobb, 1940, quoted in Dewar, 1976, p . 21 . 11 J . P . M . Millar's notes on B . W . Pashley, Box 20 (1), NCLC papers, Scottish National Library .

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