Byzantium in the Iconoclast Era (C. 680-850): The Sources: by Leslie Brubaker, John F. Haldon

By Leslie Brubaker, John F. Haldon

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3 vols (New York-Oxford 1991) W. Horandner, `Byzanz', in: M. Bernath and G. Krallert, Historische Biicherkunde Sudosteuropa, I: Mittelalter, 1 (Munich 1978) 131-408 Several other works of reference include details of the work and biography of many Byzantine and medieval authors, and we have not thought it appropriate simply to produce a catalogue of every such entry. Should the reader wish to pursue them, the main resources are as follows: Dictionary of the Middle Ages, 13 vols (New York 1982-89) Dictionnaire de Theologie catholique, ed.

The cross-domed church offered an effective structural design for a church of intermediate proportions; for a church with a dome of less than 20 Byzantine feet in diameter, the cross-in-square plan proved most effective. Within the development, then, there was a good deal of trial and error, with more than one church type, and numerous variations, existing side by side and at different scales. Another important consideration is that many of the monuments under discussion represent the reconstruction or remodelling of older buildings.

39 Little of its superstructure remains, but it was nevertheless a substantial building, with a dome ca 12 in. in diameter raised above corner piers. Aisles extend to the north and south, and what appear to be pastophoria flank but do not connect to the apse. 4° The commonly given designation of Sts Peter and Mark should be abandoned. The building represents a second, smaller version of the cross-domed church, in which the cruciform plan of the naos is brought out to square by enclosed by chapels or subsidiary spaces at the corners (fig.

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