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The gum represents an experience that you can’t quite accept but can’t get rid of either. Objects taken in through the mouth represent things we are trying to assimilate. Indigestible items symbolize experiences that we are unable to process or take in comfortably which have little benefit (or nourishment) for us. This gum represents an activity that absorbs your energy but from which you derive little except frustration. It also has the quality of multiplying its demands on you, like a mythical task that grows ever larger the more you work at it.

The ship appears to have hit something and is taking on water fast. There is mass chaos. You are as frightened by the ruthless hysteria you witness as you are by the apparent tragedy of your situation. Those who have this dream are often going through a rite of passage such as a graduation or a wedding. The ship represents something in your life that is considered a big deal. Although the passage should be a positive experience, it has gotten overblown and out of control. Weddings often become the forum for a collection of expectations that must be met, so much so that the private romance and joy of the couple becomes lost in the confusion.

The villains that come crashing in are varied. Some people have aliens barge in, others just young thugs, still others have sophisticated psychological killers who sneer and taunt the dreamer emotionally as well as physically. 46 The Complete Dream Book There is often a stressor in the dreamer’s life that seems to trigger this dream, although usually the real-life situation is not menacing in the same way. Perhaps an ex-husband has moved nearby to be closer to the children, and his distasteful presence brings old and unwelcome memories.

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