Buddha in the palm of your hand by Ösel Tendzin, Donna Holm

By Ösel Tendzin, Donna Holm

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Having IN ORDER TO BE A PRACTITIONER 22 Copyrighted material THE RESERV OIR OF COMMITMENT realized the possibility of liberation from confusion, a sense of longing or eagerness to attain it naturally develops. The third type of confidence is called lucid confidence. An understanding of the misery of confused existence and the truth of karma, together with a longing to free ourselves from samsara, brings clear vision. We realize that the three jewels- the Buddha, the dharma, and the sanaha- are the means to liberation.

Because our state of wholesomeness is continuous and real, and because our practice is good and solid, we are confident of not falling again and again into a whirlpool of confusion. We have recognized that our thought process is not problematic, and therefore we can relax with our thoughts and emotions and bodily sensations-with whatever occurs in our practice. Once we begin to relax in practice, flashes of insight occur. This is the beginning of vipasbyana. Vipashyana is a Sanskrit term that means insight, or clear seeing.

The practice of meditation makes us very sensitive, not from the point of view of becoming touchy or irritable, but from the 35 Copyrighted material BUDDHA IN TH E PA L M OF YOUR HAND point of view of becoming sharp and precise. We become like a needle-very thin and clean, straight and pointed. We pay attention to everything that goes on in our life all the time. Mindfulness throws a spotlight on all our behavior. Since our actions are an echo or mirror image of our state of mind, every gesture is worthy of attention.

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