Brain Edema XIII (Acta Neurochirurgica Supplementum 96) by J.,T. Hoff, R.F. Keep, G. Xi, Y. Hua

By J.,T. Hoff, R.F. Keep, G. Xi, Y. Hua

This quantity includes ninety three papers from the world over well-known specialists within the box of mind edema and mind damage. The papers comprise human and animal reports on edema following stroke, cerebral hemorrhage, hectic mind damage, spinal twine harm and hydrocephalus. Papers additionally deal with fluid dynamics within the mind (including the function of aquaporins).

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Most importantly, the technique has been validated in man. When stated in terms of water content, the percentage swelling was calculated from the equation 100ðf w À f wn Þ=ð1 À f w Þ where fw represents the water content of the Traumatic brain edema in di¤use and focal injury: cellular or vasogenic? 25 edematous brain and fwn represents the water content of the normal tissue. 8%, which emphasizes the importance of edema for the swelling process and subsequent rise in ICP. , Malvern, PA) equipped with 15 mT/m gradients using spin-echo sequences with and without di¤usion sensitizing gradients.

They expressed an ADC ratio of contusion site to normal brain. 81. The authors concluded that a combination of events facilitates edema accumulation in the tissue and contributes, together with the cellular edema in the peripheral area, to the mass e¤ect of contusion edema. Nakahara et al. [9] studied 4 severely brain-injured patients and compared the ADC values with 4 reference subjects. They found that ADC values in the more severely injured patients were lower compared to the remaining patients.

In terms of the current literature on the application of decompressive craniectomy to patients with traumatic brain injury, there have been several studies published (for review, see [3]). These are predominantly observational studies and demonstrate a wide range of outcomes (good recovery 29%–69%; mortality 11%–40%). There has been one attempt at randomization in the pediatric age group, which showed a significant di¤erence in outcome, favoring patients randomized to surgery [11]. This study had a number of limitations, which were recognized by the authors, including sample size, outcome evaluation, and prolonged study duration.

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