Bosnia and Herzegovina (Nations in Transition (Facts on by Michael A. Schuman

By Michael A. Schuman

Supplying an in-depth examine Bosnia, this identify examines the country's ethnic clash and heritage and the problems it faces in imposing the phrases of the peace contract. It examines its political constitution, non secular groups and economics and social and cultural makeup.

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Their goal was to end the Yugoslavian kingdom and establish a separate nation of Croatia. Alexander had written in his will that his son Peter should be king upon his own death. However, when Alexander died Peter was just 11 years old. So a regency council consisting of three men led by Alexander’s cousin Prince Pavle (1893–1976) was chosen to lead the Yugoslav government until Peter came of age. Just a few months after taking office, Pavle and the other regents allowed Yugoslavia to take a few more steps toward democracy.

S. diplomat Richard Holbrooke to the region on a peace mission. Regardless, the violence continued. On August 28, Bosnian Serbs again shelled a Sarajevo market, killing 37 and injuring 85 people. Both NATO and the UN peacekeepers responded by attacking Serb positions in Bosnia. The Bosnian Serbs agreed to move their weapons from Sarajevo in mid-September and NATO ceased bombing. Peace, at Last In early October, President Clinton’s peace strategy bore fruit. A cease-fire for Bosnia was announced on October 5 and it went into effect over most of Bosnia a week later.

The first unarmed Bosnian Muslims were killed on July 13. Thousands more were murdered the next day. The Dutch peacekeepers had turned over several thousand Muslims to the Serbs in exchange for peacekeepers who were being held hostage. It has been estimated that 7,000 Muslim men and boys—some not even teenagers—were killed at Srebrenica. 50 ■ BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA On July 21, similar attack on unarmed Bosnian Muslims took place in another designated safe area, the town of Zepa. Then, on August 1, NATO once again threatened air strikes should any more safe areas be attacked.

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