Blacklisted by Gena Showalter

By Gena Showalter

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Erik didn’t reply—he was good at that—and my stomach tightened. What was he thinking? I watched as the fine lines around his mouth deepened. There was a dusting of a beard on his jaw. Several boys at school had shadow beards, but now, on Erik, it made him seem infinitely older. ” I asked. “Too old for you,” he muttered. Ouch. ” Another pause. Then, “Twenty,” he admitted reluctantly. Not so much older than me, really, but I didn’t point that out. That would reek of desperation, and he already thought poorly of me—not that I cared, I reminded myself.

Less chance of being pinned in. And always in a crowd. R. avoided firing when innocents were around. He knew this because he was an agent. Erik winced, hating himself. How he wished the drugs were part of an undercover assignment. But they weren’t. What he did was illegal. If anyone learned of his extracurricular activities, he would spend the rest of his life in prison. But he refused to stop. He couldn’t stop. Too many people relied on him. Each transaction usually took less than two seconds.

Great. Just what Erik liked. My jealousy intensified. I took a moment to breathe, letting my attention snag on a group of human girls just exiting the stairs. They approached the bar. ” They were a smorgasbord of colors, from brunettes, to blondes, and even a redhead. One of the girls even had a blue trident tattooed on her cheek. Shanel gazed from the group of guys to the group of girls I’d just noticed. “Erik paled when he saw them,” she said, claiming my attention once again. ” With barely a breath, she added, “Score!

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