Bible Characters by D.L. Moody

By D.L. Moody

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Sinner, it is for you. What if God should put you in the balance, and you without Christ! What would become of your soul? Take warning by Belshazzar’s fate. The destruction did not tarry. The king thought he was perfectly secure: he considered that the walls of Babylon were impregnable. But “in that night,” at the very hour when Daniel was declaring the doom of the king, Cyrus, the conquering Persian, was turning the Euphrates from its regular course and channel, and was bringing his army within those gigantic walls: the guard around the palace is beaten back; the Persian soldiers force their way to the banqueting-hall; and Belshazzar’s blood flows mingling with the outpoured wine upon the palace floor.

Daniel thought more of his principles than he did of earthly honour, or the esteem of men. Right was right with him. He was going to do right to-day, and let the morrows take care of themselves. That firmness of purpose, in the strength of God, was the secret of his success. Right there, that very moment, he overcame. And from that hour, from that moment, he could go on conquering and to conquer, because he had started right. Many a man is lost because he does not start right. He makes a bad start.

He saw what was meant by the royal dream—that the king was to have a terrible fall; and that the kingdom was, at least for a season, to be taken from this proud monarch. The ready words rush to his lips; but he hates to let them out. He does not want to tell Nebuchadnezzar that his kingdom and his mind are both about to depart from him; and that he is to wander forth to eat grass like a beast. The king, too, hesitates: a dark foreboding for a time gets the better of his curiosity. But soon he nerves himself to hear the worst; and in kindly words desires Daniel to proceed, to tell out all he knows.

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