Beauty and the Beast , Edition: Epub edition: 2007 by Hannah Howell

By Hannah Howell

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She winced as Robert’s grip tightened on her arm. She looked down, frowning at the white-knuckled hand on her arm. As she tried to loosen Robert’s pinching grip, she finally looked at him and frowned even more. Robert had no color in his thin face. His hazel eyes were open so wide they bulged slightly. Small droplets of sweat began to bead on his forehead. Following his horrified gaze she realized that he was staring at the Red Devil. Since there was no threat coming from that quarter, she was puzzled as to why Robert looked ready to collapse from fear.

Smiling faintly, Margaret placed an elaborately embroidered gown on the bed. “Your bride’s dress. ’Tis finally done. ” Sitting up, Gytha gently touched the gown, recognizing and appreciating its beauty but not very pleased to see it. “You must be the best seamstress in the land. ” She smiled faintly when her cousin’s pretty face turned pink. In fact, she mused, Margaret was not only pretty, with her wide hazel eyes and light brown hair, but nearly eighteen. She too ought to be wed. While it was true that Margaret could not reach too high, it did not mean the girl lacked all prospects.

Thayer looked to the man who had spoken. He recognized him as one he had met a few times and fought beside once. Intent upon finding out what had prompted such a strange remark, he strode over to the man. ” The man nodded. ” John pointed towards Gytha and Robert, who lingered in the doorway. Turning, Thayer eyed his trembling cousin with little affection. “You were premature. ” Giving a strangled cry, Robert released Gytha. He turned to flee but was not quick enough. Thayer caught him up by the front of his bright cotehardie.

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