Bad Connection by Melody Carlson

By Melody Carlson

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The minute I heard the news, I remembered my dream. That's when I knew that it had been a warning. But I also knew that I had failed to heed it. I had failed my own father—the only person who really understood my gift, the only person who really got me. Consequently, I was drowning in guilt. And I was mad at God. During the next couple of years, I didn't completely turn my back on God, but I was so hurt and confused that I tried to ignore Him. I also never wanted to experience that “gift” again.

You're not sick, are you? ” “Tm okay. Just some weird stuff going on. ” She glances around the vacant restroom then back at me. ” As we go to the locker bay, I silently pray some more. I ask God whether or not I should tell Olivia about what I've experienced this afternoon. I mean, as badly as I want to unload all of this onto someone in an earth suit, first I want to be sure that it's the right thing to do. Olivia already feels really bad about Kayla's disappearance. I don't want to involve her without God's approval.

Yeah, you're right. ” I let out a deep sigh and lean back. “But it's a heavy load, Olivia. ” “Of course it's weird, Sam. Visions, dreams…it must be pretty spooky sometimes. ” I'm trying to think of a way to describe what's bugging me right now, but I feel stuck. ” “Well, remember last year, when I was going to that shrink-friend of Mom's? I keep thinking about the time when o she pointed out that some Christians might think some of my o experiences are kind of New Agey. Like I'm claiming to be some kind of a Christian clairvoyant.

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