Autotransfusion: Using your own blood, 1st Edition by B. Gérard Adhoute M.D. (auth.)

By B. Gérard Adhoute M.D. (auth.)

The perform of autologous blood assortment and transfusion has been gradually expanding. the idea that isn't new; despite the fact that, its program has been constrained due to loss of curiosity and willingness to make the additional attempt required. additionally there was trouble concerning the defense of the technique. Homologous blood transfusion is straightforward and has allo­ wed us to salvage lives and practice methods which might no longer were possible with out the supply of entire blood or its parts. Transfusion with homologous blood items is secure; despite the fact that, com­ plications can and do take place. The transmission of AIDS by means of transfusion of homologous blood items has considerably elevated sufferer and doctor expertise of the risks one faces. This capability complica­ tion has promoted autotransfusion. it really is now customary and reques­ ted by way of sufferers and physicians. Blood for autotransfusion is accrued pre or intraoperatively through phle­ botomy and retrieved intra and publish operatively from websites of hemor­ rhage. as soon as accumulated, the blood is both kept or lower back to the sufferer as complete or processed blood. To have a profitable autotransfusion application calls for anticipation of its wishes and coordination and coaching of concerned personel within the blood financial institution, emergency room, working room and post-surgical care devices. Pre deposit and processing of accrued blood calls for remission of donor standards and labeling and garage procedures.

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103. Testas P, Martin C (1976) Hemodilution en normovolemie (l'etude des gaz du sang et de l'equilibre acido-basique), Anesth Anal Reanim 33 : 547-553. 104. Testas P, Gallier De Saint-Sauveur V, Martin C (1979) Hemodilution aigue nor- 36 Hemodilution movolemique : etude experimentale et clinique de la coagulation. Anal Anesth 9 : 797-804. 105. Testas P (1981) Intentional intraoperative normovolemie acute hemodilution. Bibl Haemat 47 : 209-214. 106. Testas P (1979) Utilisation clinique de I'hemodilution normovolemique intentionnelle.

It is certainly complex, but does away with the disadvantage of prolonged storage. In 16 patients undergoing thoracic surgery (lobectomy, segmental resection of lung), 80 0,10 of the blood requirements were covered by this method. When two units of blood are expected to be required, one (unit A) is removed 17 days before operation. One week later, two units Band C are removed, and then the first bottle (A) is injected. Ten days later the patient is operated upon, with two units of blood available which are less than ten days old (Fig.

They are used alone or with 4 % albumin. Starch derivatives (hydroxy-ethyl starches) These are recently developed molecules, not available in France. With a molecular weight of 40,000 to 200,000, their half life is 6 to 8 h. Their effect on blood flow is unknown, but they are good plasma expanders. Plasma derivatives Human albumin, of which the half life is long (from 4 to 5 days), is 30 Hemodilution particularly valuable for use after delayed accidental hypovolemia, with the further advantage that rouleaux formation is inhibited, leading to a marked reduction in blood viscosity with very little erythrocyte deformity.

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