Autoimmune Reactions by Sudhir Paul (auth.), Sudhir Paul (eds.)

By Sudhir Paul (auth.), Sudhir Paul (eds.)

Autoimmune Reactions tackles primary questions on how the immune approach can break invading microbial pathogens with no inflicting harm to itself and different "self" structures. The authoritative specialists writing right here discover the mechanistic elements of such autoimmune ailments as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, and autoimmune thyroid illness, and the place attainable delineate how malfunctioning immunological mechanisms can result in scientific indicators. in addition they talk about attainable basic mechanisms of autoimmune disease-e.g., molecular mimicry and dysfunctional antigen presentation-and their present obstacles as unifying factors of the ailments defined. furthermore, proof for novel immunological phenomena, together with antibody catalysis and the penetration of cells via antibodies, is reviewed, and their attainable organic outcomes are pointed out. The ebook additionally severely surveys the strategies and examine that are supposed to ultimately enable improvement of palliatives and therapies for autoimmune illnesses, in addition to techniques to the long-standing challenge of self-nonself discrimination via the immune system.

the great, insightful review supplied in Autoimmune Reactions constitutes the recent usual reference for all training autoimmunologists, molecular immunologists, mobile and molecular pathologists, and scientific immunologists who have to stay on the state-of-the-art of study on autoimmune affliction this present day.

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