Attached to the World: On the Anchoring and Strategy of by Ben Knapen, Gera Arts, Yvonne Kleistra, Martijn Klem,

By Ben Knapen, Gera Arts, Yvonne Kleistra, Martijn Klem, Marijke Rem

Due to the swift upward thrust of globalization, the Netherlands hasn't ever been extra politically, socially, and economically hooked up to different international locations. to deal with this improvement, the medical Council for presidency coverage is supplying new reflections on Dutch overseas coverage during this record. an important feedback contain extra governmental transparency, clever use of nongovernmental corporations, and adapting executive buildings to use the Netherlands’ place inside Europe.

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In Friedman 1992) Let us give an example to illustrate this picture. In the course of 2007, the Balkenende iv Cabinet expressed its ambition to put human rights at the top of the Dutch policy agenda during its period in government. This ambition led to the appearance of a new human rights memorandum in November 2007 (Ministry of from fragmentation to strategy 35 Foreign Affairs 2007). This memorandum, containing well over a hundred action items, as well as its Explanatory Statement expressing the Cabinet’s aim of ‘a balanced and distinct dedication to the promotion of human rights anywhere in the world’, show that this ambition to devote more attention to human rights in foreign policy means, in practice, that the Netherlands is proposing to devote itself to human rights for anyone, anywhere, anytime.

2010). As the political landscape changed rapidly and experiences with peace operations multiplied, the notion of security itself has become increasingly stretched in organisations such as nato and the un. In its Strategic Concept of 1999, security for nato was already more than just a matter of defence capacity, also including issues such as political, economic, social, and ecological stability, development, and prosperity (nato 1999). In the revised Strategic Concept (Albright et al. 2010), this expanded security concept was stretched even further.

The Balkenende iv Cabinet selected six themes that have social relevance and offer opportunities for reinforcing the coherence between development cooperation, innovation, and environmental policy. 32 attached to the world Sustainable energy is one of these themes (Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment 2008). It was decided to allocate € 500 million to the establishment of sustainable energy projects in developing countries (tk 2007-2008, 31 250 and 30 495, no. 30). In addition, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has established the Global Sustainable Biomass Fund (fdbm), aiming to support developing countries in making their production of biomass for domestic energy purposes and for exports more sustainable.

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