[(Assyrian Dictionary of the Oriental Institute of the by A. Leo Oppenheim, Erica Reiner, Robert D. Biggs

By A. Leo Oppenheim, Erica Reiner, Robert D. Biggs

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Without KA) ibid. 175:5, KA du-un-nim Waterman Bus. Doe. AN. SU PBS 8/1 99 iii 15 (both OB Nippur), and cf. SA BE 9 48:30, twentieth assu sinnisti u aweli ina ba-ab teppir il[liku] they came to the gate of the scribe on account of the woman and the man MDP 23 327 r. 3; PN dajdnu Ga KA 4a PN, PN, the judge of the gate, (installed) by Gobryas BE 10 84:11 and lower edge, also ibid. ), cf. KUR-su-nu (obscure) Lambert BWL 215 r. , see sapparrd) gate of PN (the creditor) Meissner BAP 26:3 they gave a (OB); delivery of dates ina hasari a ina KA judgment that (the parties) should be sub- Hanbara BE 9 19:7 (NB), of.

KA DUL-am (= takattam) BBR No. ); F. Kocher); Lambert BWL 42:86 (Ludlul II), see ibid. p. 293. : uzu riqqeti Uvz KA ur-ka-ti uzu hilidamu r. , see hilidamu) Nbk. 247:8, also Peiser Vertrage No. 107:8, CT 22 172:10 (all NB). GAL ana salasisu pater ibid. iii 30; summa martum (wr. 3843+ r. 12, cf. KA-S GU sabit its opening is held by a filament ibid. ); summa amitum ... GAL la kincntum four (omens concerning) 31 xiii 9 (OB). the "gate of the palace," not (belonging to the) regular (omens) YOS 10 27:12, for col- 4.

14:2, HSS 9 22:24; wr. MES ibid. 5:4, and passim in Nippur texts, ina KA ki-ra-a-tum Bohl Leiden Coll. 3 p. 61 No. NA BIN 2 134:7, also ina KA GAL-i sa bit Belet Sippar Nbn. 48:1; a field ugar appari xKA a dEN VAS 5 3:2 and 4:16; a house sa KA ku-tal (for rent) TuM 2-3 31:2 (NB). b) referring to persons living in the city quarter or within the city's confines: mams man ana ba-bi-u ul isassi nobody will make exhibit (lit. 115:29; two persons ina KA Sa-a-pi ADD 891:15, and cf. ibid. r. ) (NA); ana Sa ina siqim u ba-ab sibittisuinnammaru for any (of the prisoners) who is seen in the street or in the ward of his place of detention Bagh.

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