Aslan (Traveller Alien Module 1) by J. Andrew Keith, John Harshman, Marc Miller

By J. Andrew Keith, John Harshman, Marc Miller

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Much of the initial few jumps can be taken up acquainting the player-characters with the Aslan, with the Syareahtaorl, and with the situation. Activities can include learning the Aslan language, swapping stories, and getting acquainted with the situation. Gimmicks. One of the first items on the agenda involves acquiring some equipment which may help the group on its way. Even as the Syareahtaorl proceeds on its journey, layovers and planetfalls can be taken up with encounters which will produce or lead to various gimmicks.

Medics are not required; the position of medic is filled when the ship's owner feels it necessary, or when the crew demands it forcefully enough. Because of the nature of Aslan society and upbringing, most ships have a male in formal command of the ship and a female who deals with many details (specifically finances) which are beneath the male's dignity. The male captain is almost always the pilot. On military ships, the female is the captain's executive officer. On commercial ships, the female is the purser.

Characteristics are identical to human characteristics, except that strength and endurance are rolled with 2D+ 1, and dexterity is rolled with 2D - 1. Imperial Aslan social standing refers to social standing within the Imperial community. Social level in Aslan society can be computed with die rolls: males throw 1D, DM + 4 if he owns land in the Imperium; females throw 1D, DM + 2 if rank 3 + in any Imperial service, or if she has more than Cr100,000. Skills: Brawling and Blade Combat skills are replaced by Dewclaw in most services.

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