Arms and Armor: A Pictorial Archive from Nineteenth-Century by Carol Belanger Grafton

By Carol Belanger Grafton

I purchased this e-book awaiting loads of sturdy photographs and diagrams. I did get that; even if, i did not get anything. The saving grace of the e-book is that the photographs are in reality very good, and, it does say correct at the entrance hide that the images are from ninteenth-century assets. The 1800s' are usually not precisely identified for his or her prime quality of old accuracy, and it is only within the such a lot modern armour, nearly overdue 1400's via 1600's, that the illustrations are premiere. earlier than that time, it may be downright abysmal, as often it portrays armour from the inaccurate interval; for instance, fits of evidently 16th-century armour are depicted upon pages captioned "14th Century". i wouldn't depend on this as an actual resource in any respect, and merely use it as a resource of clip-art or creative thought. As I stated, the images are lovely, yet that is approximately it...

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