Archie Vol 1 No 558 Aug 2005 by Stan Goldberg and Bob Smith

By Stan Goldberg and Bob Smith

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CONTENTS: 1. 19331937. 1. United States. National Labor Relations Board. I. Title. 008´3 74-5284 ISBN 0-87395-270-7 Page v FOR LINDA, JIM, JOHN, JUSTIN, AND CAITLIN Page vii Contents Introduction 1 1 The National Labor Board: From Successful Mediation to Budd Manufacturing and Weirton Steel 7 2 The NLB and the Labor Disputes Bill 41 3 The Old National Labor Relations Board: Challenges to a Judicial Approach 73 4 The Old NLRB and a National Labor Policy 109 5 The Wagner Act NLRB and the Constitutional Test 149 6 The New Labor Policy Is Constitutional 189 7 Labor Policy Made and About to Be Remade 231 Index 255 Page viii Illustrations ILLUSTRATION SECTION FOLLOWING PAGE 146 Signing of the National Industrial Recovery Act Hugh S.

Those covered by the NRA were required to agree to observe the requirements of Section 7(a) of the NIRA. Page 16 The recent surge of strikes and similar industrial disturbances has been due almost entirely to misunderstandings and misconceptions of the new rights and obligations conferred and imposed upon industry and labor alike in the program to make America safe for industrial democracy. Out of confusion which must necessarily accompany the beginning of any new scheme of so vast a scope, have risen cross-currents of distrust and antagonism between labor and industry, which have no substantial basis in fact.

Pp. 9599. 49. Oral history interview with B. Wolf, op. , p. 10. 50. NLRB files, memorandum from Paul M. Herzog to the National Labor Board, op. cit. By October 26, 1933 the NLB had handled a total of 110 cases44 of those cases were still pending or had been referred elsewhere. Of the remaining 66 cases, 58 were settled in Washington or in the field and only 8 were settled by a decision of the NLB. See also The New York Times, October 30, 1933, p. 5, col. 3. Decisions of the National Labor Board (Washington: GPO, 1934), "Berkeley Woolen Mills and United Textile Workers," vol.

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