Arabic-English Thematic Lexicon by Daniel L. Newman

By Daniel L. Newman

The Arabic-English Thematic Lexicon is a useful source for all rookies of Arabic.

It includes a few 8,000 entries, prepared into topics, together with natural world, foods and drinks, the human physique, health and wellbeing care, the relatives, housing, garments, schooling, IT, activities, politics, economics and trade, the legislations, media, language, geography, commute, faith, arts, technology, and ordinary assets. 3 appendices disguise the names of Arab and chosen non-Arab areas, nations and capitals, and overseas organizations.

The entries within the Lexicon were drawn from an intensive corpus of latest normal Arabic vocabulary, according to real resources. as well as verbs, nouns and adjectives, the Lexicon contains words and ordinary collocations, supplying clients with the required vocabulary so as to converse successfully and with a bit of luck in either written and spoken common Arabic.

The Lexicon offers an critical supplement to Arabic grammar guideline and likewise serves as an invaluable reference advisor for all Arabic language clients.

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Leg 2. shank ‫ﺳَﺒﺎﺑﺔ‬ َ index finger َ ‫ﺳَﺒﻠﺔ‬ َ ‫ﺧِّﺪ َّﻳﺔ‬ sideburns ‫ﺳﺤﺎءة‬ َ َ pl. ‫ﺳﺤﺎﻳﺎ‬ cortex ُ ‫ﺳَّﺮة‬ navel َ (‫ﺷْﻌَﺮه‬ َ ) َ‫ﺳَّﺮح‬ to comb, do one’s hair lateral incisor ‫ﺳْﻘﻒ اﻟَﻔﻢ‬ َ roof of the mouth womb ‫ﺟﻞ‬ ْ ‫ﺳﻤﺎﻧﺔ اﻟِّﺮ‬ َ calf ‫ﺳَﻤﻊ‬ َ (i) to hear, listen head THE HUMAN BODY ‫ي‬ ّ ‫ﺷْﻌِﺮ‬ َ 31 ‫ﺳْﻤﻊ‬ َ hearing ‫ﻲ‬ ّ ‫ﺳﻤِﻌ‬ auditory, aural ‫ﺳِﻤَﻦ‬ َ (a) to become fat ‫ﺷﻔﺔ‬ َ pl. ‫ﺷﻔﺎه‬ ِ ‫ﺳْﻤﻨﺔ‬ ِ obesity َّ ‫اﻟ‬ ُّ ‫ﺸﻔﺔ اﻟ‬ ‫ﺴْﻔَﻠﻰ‬ lower lip fat َّ ‫اﻟ‬ ‫ﺸﻔﺔ اﻟُﻌْﻠﻴﺎ‬ upper lip ‫ﺳِﻤﻴﻦ‬ َ pl.

Spoon measure (quantity) crisp, dry see ‫ﻃﺎﺟﻦ‬ fried ‫ُﻣَﻮﱢﻗﺖ ِﺑﻴﺾ‬ egg-timer ‫َﻣْﻮِﻗﺪ‬ stove (gas) ُ ‫َﻣﻮاِﻗ‬ pl. ‫ﺪ‬ ‫ﻧﺎِدل‬ ُ ‫ُﻧ‬ pl. ‫ﺪل‬ waiter ‫ﺿﺞ‬ ِ ‫ﻧﺎ‬ cooked (< > raw) ‫ﺨَﻞ‬ َ ‫( َﻧ‬u) to strain, sift ‫َﻧﺸﺎء‬ corn starch ‫ﺸَﻮّﻳﺎت‬ َ ‫َﻧ‬ starchy foodstuffs ‫ﺿﺞ‬ ِ ‫ﺼﻒ ﻧﺎ‬ ْ ‫ُﻧ‬ half-cooked ‫ﻀَﺞ‬ ِ ‫( َﻧ‬a) to be(come) well cooked ‫َﻧْﻤِﻠﻴﺔ‬ food safe, meat safe ‫َﻧَﻬﻢ‬ gluttony ‫َﻧﻮاة‬ kernel, stone pl. ‫َﻧَﻮﻳﺎت‬ ‫َﻣَﻜُﺮوﻧﺔ‬ macaroni ‫ُﻣَﻜَّﺮر‬ purified, refined ُ ‫ُﻣَﻜَّﻌﺒﺔ‬ ‫ﺳَّﻜﺮ‬ sugar cube َّ ‫َﻣ‬ ‫ﻼﺣﺔ‬ salt cellar ‫ﻼﺣﺔ ُﻓْﻠُﻔﻞ‬ َّ ‫َﻣ‬ ‫ﺶ‬ ّ ‫َﻫ‬ see ‫ﺾ‬ ّ ‫ﻏ‬ pepper cellar ‫ُﻫﻼم‬ jelly ‫َﻣﻶن‬ filled ‫َﻣ َّﻠَﺢ‬ 1.

Pl. ‫ﺸﻴﺔ‬ ِ ‫أْﻋ‬ see ‫دﻋﺎ‬ honey treacle dinner, supper 2. to ferment ‫ﻓﺎِﻛﻬﺎﻧﻲ‬ ْ ‫َﻓ‬ pl. ‫ﻜﻬﺎِﻧَّﻴﺔ‬ fruit seller ‫ﺨْﺒﺰ‬ ُ ‫ُﻓﺘﺎت اﻟ‬ breadcrumbs (‫ﻓ َّﺘﺎﺣﺔ )اﻟ َّﺰﺟﺎﺟﺎت‬ bottle opener (‫َﻓ َّﺘﺎﺣﺔ )اﻟُﻌَﻠﺐ‬ tin opener ‫َﻓّﺦ‬ trap (animals) ‫ﺼﺎرة‬ َّ ‫َﻋ‬ (fruit) press ‫ﺼَﺮ‬ َ ‫( َﻋ‬i) to squeeze, press (fruit) ‫ﺨﺪ‬ ْ ‫َﻓ‬ leg of lamb ‫ﺼﻴﺮ‬ ِ ‫َﻋ‬ juice mincer ‫ﻋﺼﻴﺮ اﻟَﻔﻮاِﻛﻪ‬ ‫َﻓ َّﺮاﻣﺔ‬ fruit juice ‫( َﻓَﺮَم‬i) to chop, mince ‫ﺾ‬ ّ ‫( َﻋ‬a) to bite ‫ُﻓْﺮن‬ pl.

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