Applied Spectroscopy: A Compact Reference for Practitioners by Jerry Workman Jr., Art Springsteen

By Jerry Workman Jr., Art Springsteen

This e-book delineates functional, confirmed, basic tools for ultraviolet, obvious, and infrared spectrometry in transparent language for amateur clients, and serves as a reference source for complicated spectroscopists. Applied Spectroscopy comprises vital details and equations as a way to be stated on a regular basis. The e-book emphasizes reflectance and colour measurements as a result of their universal utilization in todays spectroscopic laboratories, and includes tools for selectinga dimension procedure in addition to sunlight and colour measurements. Written by way of specialists within the box, this article covers spectrometry of latest fabrics, ceramics, and textiles, and gives an appendix of useful reference information for spectrometry.

  • Book issues include: Practical points of spectrometers and spectrometry; Sample preparation; Chemometrics and calibration practices; Reflectance measurements; Standard fabrics measurements
  • An emphasis is put on reflectance and colour measurements because of their universal utilization in modern day spectroscopic laboratories
  • Methods for choosing a size strategy are integrated in addition to sunlight measurements and reference details on resources, detectors, optical fiber and window materials

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A. Optical Configurations . . . . . . . . . . . . B. Typical Lamp Sources (Useful Working Ranges) . . . . . . . C. Detectors (Useful Working Ranges) . . . . . . . . . D. Window and Cuvet Materials . . . . . . . . . . . E. Fiber Optic Materials (Useful Working Ranges) . . . . . . . F. Methods for Testing UV-VIS Instrumentation . . . . . . . III. Sampling Considerations . . . . . . . . . . . . A. Sample Presentation Geometry .

O-H str. O-H str. O-H str. Sym. N - H str. N - H str. Location (nm) of 2nd overtone Location (nm) of 1st overtone 1143-1187 1240-1247 1216-1220 1347-1367 1714-1780 1860-1870 1824-1830 2020-2050 1410-1455 1421-1470 1440-1485 1451 1460 1463-1484 N - H str. 1472 O-H str. Sym. N - H N - H str. 1490 1490 1493 N - H str. N - H str. N - H str. 1500 1511 1520 Further Reading CLASSICS J. R. Edisbury (1967). Practical Hints on Absorption Spectrometry (Ultra-Violet and Visible). Plenum, New York. R. A, Sawyer, (1963) Experimental Spectroscopy.

I ! "'\. Camblnnlion Bands i ji 1 i M e t h y l e n e C-ll ~ii . .... " 1000 1100 . ~/~::.... ":'i", '~ i ~,. '~ ! ,, ::. . . , ""..... . Y :~. :,. ""~....... ~'.. :~......... ,. ..... ':"J;i . 1200 1300 1400 1500 FIG. 8. Predominant long-wavelength near-infrared (LW-NIR) hydrocarbon spectral features (showing absorbance as a function of wavelength). 47 2. U V - V I S - N I R S P E C T R O S C O P Y C-H, N-H, and O - H Stretch Absorption Bands for Specific LW-NIR (1100-2500 nm) Functional Groups (First and/or Second) Overtones) Structure ArCH (aromatics) C H - - C H (methylene) CH3 (methyl) R-OH (alcohols) ArOH (phenols) HOH (water) Starch Urea CONH 2 (primary amides) CONHR (Secondary amides) Cellulose Urea ArNH2 (aroamtic amines) NH (amines, general) Protein Urea Bond vibration C-H str.

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