Applied Optics and Optical Engineering, Volume 5: Optical by Rudolf Kingslake

By Rudolf Kingslake

Utilized Optics and Optical Engineering, quantity five: Optical tools, half 2 (v. five)

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Bausch, Echelle spectroscopy, in " Optical Instruments " (Proc. London, Conf. 1950), p. 77. Chapman and Hall, London, 1951. 46 G. R. Harrison, S. P. Davis, and H. J. Robertson, Opt. Soc. Am. 43, 853-861 (1953). 47 N. A. Finkelstein, J. Opt. Soc. Am. 43, 90-96 (1953). 48 L. R. Griffin, Proc. Phys. Soc. {London) 62, 93 (1948). 45 42 DAVID RICHARDSON The " free spectral range " is the range of wavelengths from λ to (λ + δλ) such that the mth order of wavelength (λ -f δλ) coincides with the (m + l)th order of wavelength λ.

Soc. Am. 42, 279-280 (1952). 12 D. H. Rank, J. N. Shearer, and J. M. Bennett, / . Opt. Soc. Am. 45, 762-766 (1955). 13 A. A. Michelson, Astrophys. J. 8, 37 (1898). ( 24 DAVID RICHARDSON D . BLAZE The distribution of light into the various orders of a grating depends 1 4 - 71 upon the microscopic s h a p e of the grooves of the grating. By ruling the groove with flat faces and controlling the face angles of the grooves, it is possible to concentrate the spectral energy in any desired angular region.

Recent work by Sayce and Franks has invigorated interest in this type of grating. Such gratings are blazed for zero order, but interference of the light from the groove bottoms with that from the tops can affect the distribution significantly. Ideally, such a grating would produce the same flux distribution when the grating is rotated 180° about its perpendicular. E . BEAM DIVIDERS AND INTERFEROMETERS One interesting application of diffraction gratings relates to their use as elements in an interferometric system.

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