Applied Coal Petrology. The Role of Petrology in Coal by Isabel Suárez-Ruiz and John C. Crelling (Eds.)

By Isabel Suárez-Ruiz and John C. Crelling (Eds.)

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, Pages xiii-xiv, John C. Crelling, Joan S. Esterle, Robert B. Finkelman, Stephen F. Greb, Gareth D. Mitchell, Jack C. Pashin, Isabel Suárez-Ruiz, Nicola J. Wagner, Colin R. Ward, M. Coertzen, R.H. Matjie, J.C. van Dyk

, Page xv

, Pages xvii-xviii
Chapter 1 - creation to utilized Coal Petrology

, Pages 1-18, Colin R. Ward, Isabel Suárez-Ruiz
Chapter 2 - easy components Controlling Coal caliber and Technological habit of Coal

, Pages 19-59, Isabel Suárez-Ruiz, Colin R. Ward
Chapter three - Mining and Beneficiation

, Pages 61-83, Joan S. Esterle
Chapter four - Coal Combustion

, Pages 85-117, Isabel Suárez-Ruiz, Colin R. Ward
Chapter five - Coal Gasification

, Pages 119-144, Nicola J. Wagner, M. Coertzen, R.H. Matjie, J.C. van Dyk
Chapter 6 - Direct Coal Liquefaction

, Pages 145-171, Gareth D. Mitchell
Chapter 7 - Coal Carbonization

, Pages 173-192, John C. Crelling
Chapter eight - Coal-Derived Carbon Materials

, Pages 193-225, Isabel Suárez-Ruiz, John C. Crelling
Chapter nine - Coal as a petrol resource Rock and Reservoir Rock

, Pages 227-262, Jack C. Pashin
Chapter 10 - Environmental and future health Impacts

, Pages 263-287, Robert B. Finkelman, Stephen F. Greb
Chapter eleven - different purposes of Coal Petrology

, Pages 289-301, John C. Crelling, Isabel Suárez-Ruiz

, Pages 303-380

, Pages 381-388

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Neither does the definition apply to waste piles of coal and rock that could be reprocessed as a fuel. Moisture content has been used as a rank indicator in lignites and subbituminous coals. For low rank coals, moisture is an important factor because the coal needs to be transported, handled, and stored, and the presence of moisture in large amounts will impede these operations and lead to greater costs. Moisture also replaces an equal amount of combustible material and thus decreases the heating value, thereby complicating the combustion process.

1998). The reflectance measured in this maceral is universally used as an index of coal rank and as an indicator of the maturation of dispersed organic matter. Depending on its composition and rank, vitrinite may be oxidized during prolonged storage and shipping because of exposure to air and moisture, significantly reducing some of its otherwise desirable properties. Basic Factors Controlling Coal Quality and Technological Behavior 29 Maceral Analysis For geological research on coal basins and for an evaluation of coal seam quality it is important to know the quantitative composition of a coal in terms of the macerals (and minerals in some cases) or maceral groups.

Corpogelinite Gelinite Mottled and compact vitrinitic groundmass, binds other coal components. Variable color and fluorescence intensity. Structureless bodies, homogeneous, variable shape, humic cell fillings in situ or isolated. Higher reflectance than the other vitrinitic macerals. Weak fluorescence or no fluorescence. Pure colloidal gel, homogeneous aspect, without structure, filling cracks and cavities, variable shape and size, higher reflectance. Weak fluorescence or not fluorescence. Least common maceral.

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