An altar-piece of the Apocalypse from Master Bertram's by C. M Kauffmann

By C. M Kauffmann

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On this subject I have benefited from discussion with Dr. Z . Drobna and Dr. L. Kesner of Prague. A succinct account of the spread of the Italian st yle to northern Europe is given by E. Panofsky, Early Nether/lllldhh Painlillg, 19B, p. 24 If. 8 Prague, Nat. Mus. Library 1\{S. xiii. A . 12; H. Swarzenski and J. Kvet, C ZechoJIO/'akia : ROIIJanesqur aud Gotl)irIllllllJillaled l' lll1l11srripts(UNESCO), 1959, pis. xxix f. These manuscripts were discussed by M:. Dvorak, Jahrbuch del' KUllslhisl. , XXII (Vienna, 1901), pp.

Under the influence of the Empress Theodora, he banished Silverius in the following year o n the grounds that he had supported the Goths. The voice calling the witnesses to heaven is that of Bishop J\mator, who provided Silverius with money in exile. The scroll is inscribed: Dictum est nobis ascendite ... " 11. 12). 28) The seventh trumpet. (11. 15) The seve nth angel is Narses (c. 478-573), the general sent b y Justinian [Q fight the Arian Ostrogoths in Italr. in )) 2 he defeated and killed the Ostrogoth Totila.

Xxv If. '7 Gilson, op. , p. l); but see Wachtel (2), p. vii If. 18 Kleinhans, op. , p. 29~ ff. 19 On the o rga nization of the Franciscans jn Saxony, see Lucas \Vadding, Am/alu Afinortfm, IX, 3rd cd. 1932, p. 284; Patricius Schlager, "Verzeichnis der Kloster der Sachsischen Franziskanerprovinz", FrallzisJullliscbe StHdien, I CIV[Unster, 1914), pp. 230-42; Leonhard Lemmens, Niedersiicbsisrhe FrolJziskaJJerklO'sler illl l'Iitlelnller, 1896. 20 For a brief survey of Apocalypse interpretation see H.

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