Aminocyclitol Antibiotics by Kenneth L. Rinehart, Jr. and Tetsuo Suami (Eds.)

By Kenneth L. Rinehart, Jr. and Tetsuo Suami (Eds.)

content material: Aminocyclitol antibiotics : an advent / Kenneth L. Rinehart, Jr. and Lois S. defend --
Synthesis of aminocyclitol antibiotics / S. Umezawa --
amendment of aminocyclitol antibiotics / Tetsuo Suami --
Syntheses of some branched-chain aminocyclitol antibiotics / Juji Yoshimura, Masuo Funabashi, and Chung-Gi Shin --
a brand new synthesis of branched-chain epi-configuration deoxyhalogeno- and deoxyaminocyclitols / Donald E. Kiely and James M. Riordan --
The stereospecific synthesis of spectinomycin / D.R. White, R.D. Birkenmeyer, R.C. Thomas, S.A. Mizsak, and V.H. Wiley --
Synthesis of spectinomycin analogs / R.C. Thomas, D.R. White, V.H. Wiley, and D.A. Forster --
Spectinomycin amendment / W. Rosenbrook, Jr. and Ronald E. Carney --
The constructions of diastereomers of dihydrospectinomycins / Louise Foley and Manfred Weigele --
Chemical amendment of aminoglycosides : a unique synthesis of 6-deoxyaminoglycosides / Barney J. Magerlein --
The impression of O-methylation at the job of aminoglycosides / J.B. McAlpine, R.E. Carney, R.L. Devault, A.C. Sinclair, R.S. Egan, M. Cirovic, R. Stanaszek, and S. Mueller --
The synthesis and organic homes of 3'- and 4'-thiodeoxyneamines and 4'-thiodeoxykanamycin B / Thomas W. Ku, Robert D. Sitrin, David J. Cooper, John R.E. Hoover, and Jerry A. Weisbach --
Synthesis of analogs of kanamycin B / J.P.H. Verheyden, D.B. Repke, T.C. Tompkins, and J.G. Moffatt --
The selective N-acylation of kanamycin A / M.J. Cron, J.G. Keil, J.S. Lin, M.V. Ruggeri, and D. Walker --
Carbon-13 NMR spectra of aminoglycoside antibiotics / Takayuki Naito, Soichiro Toda, Susumu Nakagawa, and Hiroshi Kawaguchi --
The buildings of adlescent parts of the fortimicin advanced / J.B. McAlpine, R.S. Egan, R.S. Stanaszek, M. Cirovic, S.L. Mueller, R.E. Carney, P. Collum, E.E. Fager, A.W. Goldstein, D.J. Grampovnik, P. Kurath, J.R. Martin, G.G. publish, J.H. Seely, and J. Tadanier --
The buildings of recent fortimicins having double bonds of their purpurosamine moieties / Kunikatsu Shirahata, Gen Shimura, Seigo Takasawa, Takao Iida, and Keiichi Takahashi --
Enzymes enhancing aminocyclitol antibiotics and their roles in resistance decision and biosynthesis / Julian Davies --
Biosynthesis and mutasynthesis of aminocyclitol antibiotics / Kenneth L. Rinehart, Jr. --
Chemical and organic amendment of antibiotics of the gentamicin staff --
P.J.L. Daniels, D.F. Rane, S.W. McCombie, R.T. Testa, J.J. Wright, and T.L. Nagabhushan --
Synthesis and mutasynthesis of pseudosaccharides regarding aminocyclitol-glycoside antibiotics / J. Cléophax, A. Roland, C. Colas, L. Castellanos, S.D. Géro, A.M. Sepulchre, and B. Quiclet --
a number of interactions of aminoglycoside antibiotics with ribosomes / Bernard D. Davis and Phang-C. Tai.

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Kitamura, M. , (1978), 3365. RECEIVED November 15, 1979. ch003 Department of Applied Chemistry, Faculty of Engineering, Keio University, Hiyoshi, Yokohama 223, Japan Chemical and biological modifications of aminocyclitol antibiotics have been extensively studied to elucidate a structure-antimicrobial activity relationship. Most of the works done so far concerns modifications of an amino sugar moiety of an antibiotic. Before 1969, few studies had been done on the dependence of antimicrobial activity on an aminocyclitol moiety structure.

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