American Fiction Between the Wars (Bloom's Period Studies by Sterling Professor of the Humanities Harold Bloom

By Sterling Professor of the Humanities Harold Bloom

- A complete view of the foremost literary pursuits in Western heritage - An advent by way of Harold Bloom and a range of severe essays presents scholarly research at the significant writers and works that outlined each one literary interval - encompasses a chronology of significant cultural, literary, and political occasions that assisted in shaping each one literary interval.

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We can only say that the ferment of ideas and the wealth of motives that can be found in these stories serve to set off in relief its unique quality. 2 In The Great Gatsby the motive of an impossible dream of love which riches cannot fulfill after the right moment has passed forever, finds its definitive consecration. Fitzgerald reveals the tragic implications of that dream by organizing the plot around an agonizing conflict of the moral and social The “Tragic Pastoral” 37 order and by enlarging its meaning on the symbolic level of legend and myth.

In the four chapters that follow it becomes also a conflict between external forces and social interests. Gatsby is ruined not only because of his inability to accept reality as equal to The “Tragic Pastoral” 41 or sufficient for his dream; he is also defeated by Tom’s “hard malice” and Daisy’s irresolute carelessness. The sixth chapter marks a pause in the narration. In the galley proofs, Fitzgerald described at some length the relation between Gatsby and Daisy, who told Nick of her willingness to “run off” with Gatsby.

The ways and means of men, as getting and lending and spending, you lay waste your inner world, are too much with you. The bus takes too long, while the subway is always crowded. So what do you do? So you buy a farm and walk behind your horse’s moist behind, no collar or tie, plowing your broad swift acres. As you turn up the rich black soil, the wind carries the smell of pine and dung across the fields and the rhythm of an old, old work enters your soul. To this rhythm, you sow and weep and chivy your kine, not kin or kind, between the pregnant rows of corn and taters.

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