Alvis Saracen Family by Bill Munro

By Bill Munro

Using a standard six-wheeled chassis designed through the battling automobile examine institution, the Saracen armored group of workers service and Saladin armored automobile aimed to unravel the matter of big numbers of military cars, all with incompatible components and servicing routines.Manufactured via the Coventry enterprise of Alvis, the Saracen and Saladin have been joined by means of one other edition at the subject: the Salamander. Alvis additionally designed yet one more family member, a hugely flexible amphibious load service referred to as the Stalwart.This whole background of this well-known relations of army autos finds a lot that has now not formerly been widely recognized. From works files and interviews with Alvis and the army, invoice Munro has prepare a desirable history.

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The considerable changes to the forward fuselage are evident in this photo. (NASM) Changes to the top turret, radio compartment and tail turret are revealed in this view. (NASM) The Consolidated tail turret, radio compartment guns and flatter Martin top turret may be seen here. (NASM) 31 ~ :The considerable nose modifications are shown in this view. The nose had been faired to accommodate the Consolidated turret. A gondola was added for the bombardier. The bomb-aiming panel had a windshield wiper, and a pitot probe was installed under the nose.

The four major components consisted of: • Special inverter box • Special external power receptacle • Auxiliary junction box • Special inverter PU-16 Radio and Radar Systems A number of changes were made to the radio and radar systems in order to permit the aircraft to operate in the drone role. 3000 inch) special packed Eastman Daylight Kodachrome Eastman Daylight Kodachrome with Wrattan 2-B filter Ansco color negative OB-17N, sin 43-39340, with the wingtip camera scoring system installed. This aircraft was painted overall day-glo red with a silver rudder.

P. Blandy's Task Force 1. By April 15, 1946, the509th was to be manned, equipped, trained and operationally ready for their mission. The date for the actual atomic bomb drop test had been scheduled for May 15. However, it was delayed until July 1st. S. Army Air Forces aircraft were assigned to the project: • One B-29 command aircraft • One B-29 bomb carrying aircraft (Dave's Dream) • Two B-29 pressure drop aircraft • Three B-29 weather reconnaissance aircraft • Two B-29 (F-13) VLR radiological reconnaissance aircraft • Eight F-13 VLR photographic aircraft • Two C-54 photographic aircraft • Four B-17 drone aircraft • Five B-17 drone control aircraft • Eleven B-17H (SB-17G) dumbos (if available from CinCPacUSA) • One B-29 radio broadcast aircraft • One B-29 press photography aircraft • Two C-54 observation aircraft -Drone ship four in flight with drone control ship V.

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