Alter Ego + 3: Livre de l’élève by Catherine Dollez, Sylvie Pons

By Catherine Dollez, Sylvie Pons

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Mean it is wrong, of course; Thus Emonds' account This does not necessarily it could perfectly well be the case that the "semi-modal restriction" is a misnomer for two unrelated phenomena. I\onetheless, it reduces the apparent explanatory power of the proposal. 2 The Fredicate Restr;ction The account of the predicate restriction Eiven by the adoption of the structure preserving hypothesis is quite straightforward. Sentences like (5), (6) result from the phrase structure expansion of VP as he - FRED.

There are several difficulties in this analysis. (78) *A fire was on Mass. Ave. ---7 There was a fire on Mass. Ave. 1, a rather ill-defined class of verbs other than be shows up in ES. The TI analysis as it stands makes no predictions about the characteristics of the verbs in this class, and in fact rule (21) cannot even derive the relevant sentences, since be is mentioned explicitly as a term in the structural description. The final problem which I shall mention here is a particularly serious onel the leftmost be condition is unstable in a theory of grammar in which the structural conditions for application of a transformation are restricted to Boolean conditions on analyzability.

There's a school and a hospital in Roxbury. b. *There are a school and a hospital in Roxbury. c. There (:;:1 two schools and a hospital in Roxbury. d. There {~;eJ a school and two hospitals in Roxbury. e, f. A man and a woman are here. *A man and a woman is here. The judgments in (44) are shared by nearly everyone I have approached with the sentences. What these facts seem to show is that the sort of agreement which operates in ES makes a distinction betw'een morphological plurals and everything else, while, as is well known, the normal agreement rule in English treats a group of coordinated NPs as a plural, whether any of the coordinated NPs are morphologically plural or not.

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