Aircraft - an All Color Story of Modern Flight by David Mondey

By David Mondey

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Able to carry an 8,()()() lb (3,628 kg) load of conventional aircraft capable of delivering a nuclear 30 Lossiemouth, Scotland, in 4 hrs 16 mins. America, too, had retained its share of biplane military during the hetwecn-wars period. Howe\er, during 1931 the Boeing Company and the USAAC evoked jointly the design of a stubby-looking wirebraced low-wing monoplane that began to enter service on 6 December 1933 under the designation P-26A (37 overleaO. In addition to being the first monoplane fighter of the aircraft 1 7058 USAAC, it was also the first all-metal fighter to enter production, and remained in service with front-line squadrons until shortly before the United States became in\ ol\ ed in the a secret Japanese signal, P-38Gs of the 339th Fighter Squadron intercepted and destroyed a transport aircraft carrying Admiral Yamamoto.

Used operationally from the carriers Albion, Bulzvark and Eagle in 1956, in support of Anglo-P'rench landings in Egypt, the type remained in serxice later, until 1960. Illustrated the is a German Navv. Sea Hawk (30 below right) serving with o In 1946 the Royal Air Force bcKan its first dc Ha\illand Vampires. It was no easy matter to train pilots to receive to fly these new and somewhat taking aircraft. breath- Not only were they very by comparison with piston-engined but their take-otf and landing techniques were \ ery different.

I^ ^<^^ In Sweden the Saab-Scania com- pany, as it is now known, has designed and has in production two superb Mach 2 fighter aircraft, under the designations Saab 35 Draken and Saab 37 Viggen. The former is a single-seat allweather fighter already in service with both Sweden and Denmark, and Drakens will also be in operation with the air force of Finland in 1974-5. The illustration shows two J 35 Drakens (65 abo\e) silhouetted against the setting sun. Sidewinder missiles beneath their slim fuselages.

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