Air-Mech-Strike: Asymmetric Maneuver Warfare for the 21st by David L. Grange, Huba Wass De Czege, Richard D. Liebert,

By David L. Grange, Huba Wass De Czege, Richard D. Liebert, Charles A. Jarnot, Allen L. Huber, Lester E. Grau, Michael L. Sparks, John E. Richards, Emery E. Nelson

This e-book outlines the right way to reorganize the U.S. military right into a absolutely 2 and three-dimensional maneuver able, flooring strength with terrain-agile, armored combating automobiles sized to speedily installation by means of fixed-wing and rotary-wing plane to the scene of worldwide conflicts and strike on the center of freedom‚s enemies. The plan to construct the military into Air-Mech-Strike Forces, exploiting rising information-age applied sciences, in addition to America‚s supremacy in plane and helicopter supply systems---at the bottom price to the taxpayers, is defined intimately. those military warfighting enterprises, utilizing latest and a few newly bought gear, will form the battlefield to America‚s virtue, retaining the peace ahead of it's misplaced; if now not, then successful fights that has to be fought fast. the damaging global we are living in strikes via the rate of the AIR, and the twenty first Century U.S. military 2D/3D strive against crew will dominate this medium through Air-Mech-Strike!

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It's undoable! It's another attempt to fool the American people as to the nature of war. They feel they can get the American People to join in if they think it's safe. From my point of view, most people will participate in these adventures if you're honest with them. But once the lies have been told, you won't get much support. 2. ABC. Mike's view of three plans (A,B and "Oh Shit") is based on the reality of planning operations on the tactical level in combat. I would be very careful of wasting too much time on the ABC.

A story of modern war (Penguin Putnam books, 1999 and 2000), pp. com/exec/obidos/search-handle-form/103-6593991-3811860 31. Personal interview with former 1st Infantry Division Commander, General David L. Grange, January 15, 2000 on how he supplied his men HMMWV trucks from war stocks to perform peacekeeping in lieu of heavier vehicles. 32. htm 33. IBID p. 128, Van Crevald, Technology and War 34. Alvin and Heidi Toffler, War and Anti-War: Making Sense of Today's Global Chaos (New York, Warner Mass Market Paperback, 1995), pp.

S. S. S. Army HQ, 1993), pp. S. Army history validates the need for this type mechanical advantage; Robert Black, Rangers in WWII, (New York: St. Martin's Mass Market paperbacks, 1994) p. 37 Black, a Ranger veteran said the following about the disastrous Dieppe Raid, where commandos assaulted fortified positions with little fire support other than what they carried in their hands; "68% of the 4,963 Canadian troops were casualties and 913 were killed outright.... htm 12/18/2002 Winning cityfights: shielded infantry with siege engines not empty posturing Page 32 of 35 Yet in recent years, firepower and mobility platforms have been retired and not replaced making it more difficult to gain even full 2-D maneuver.

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