Adverbial Clauses in Mandarin Chinese: A Corpus-based Study by May Lai-Ying Wong

By May Lai-Ying Wong

What are adverbial clauses in chinese language? Do all of them have matters as their opposite numbers do in English? How do the semantic domain names of adverbial clauses have interaction with the distribution of topics? How do chinese language corpora aid us discover those exciting questions?
the purpose of this research is to illustrate the usefulness of corpus linguistics as a technique in grammar stories. A problem-oriented tagging technique has been used to allow the exploration of adverbial clauses within the corpus and to spot 11 semantically dependent sessions of adverbial clauses. whereas it's a recognized incontrovertible fact that chinese language adverbial clauses (CACs) are openly marked by way of a subordinating conjunction, their matters might be left unexpressed and recovered within the past discourse. via analysing evidently happening spoken and written samples from numerous corpora, the writer examines this exciting phenomenon of overt and non-overt matters in adverbial clauses.

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This book therefore aims to achieve a corpus-based, wide ranging, theoretically informed study of all semantic types of adverbial clauses in Chinese. 4 Chapter summary Previous accounts of adverbial clauses examine their syntactic/semantic properties and discourse functions. The distribution of different verb forms that are used in adverbial clauses tends to be systematically related to their semantic roles; for instance, there is a strong tendency for temporal and purpose adverbial clauses to be expressed by non-finite rather than finite verb forms.

Descriptives are typically formed by reduplication or compounding, for example, ⭆⭆⛐⛐ shishizaizai “indeed, really, honestly”, 产勝勝 lüyinyin “green”, ᷭ径 jiuyuan “far back, ages ago, remote”, 䁪㻓 lanman “bright-coloured; unaffected”. In Chinese, idoms, or ㆸ宕 chengyu, are expressions with a frozen internal structure. Their constituents and structure cannot be described in terms of morphological categories. They have to be treated as single morphological units. They should be distinguished from the fixed expressions, or Ḉ䓐宕 xiyongyu, the internal structure of which can be broken down into meaningful morphological units.

Apart from this basic set of 26 POS markers, proper nouns were divided into personal names (nr), place names (ns), organisation names (nt) and other proper nouns (nz). Furthermore, another 20 markers which 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 As the subset of PFR was not chosen by me but was made freely available online by corpus compilers, I would assume that the question of how to “balance” the selections is an issue beyond the scope of this book. The tagset that was used in the PFR Chinese Corpus was actually extended from the one proposed in Yu et al.

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