Advances in Molten Salt Chemistry: Volume 2 by John E. Lind Jr. (auth.), J. Braunstein, Gleb Mamantov, G.

By John E. Lind Jr. (auth.), J. Braunstein, Gleb Mamantov, G. P. Smith (eds.)

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LiCI-LiaZrCI. Melt ZrCI. Gasa TABLE I (continued) Solubility data ~~ :0:' = ~ ~ Q. II Q KCl NaCl, NaCl-KCl, KCl, RbCl, CsCl LiCl-KCl, RbCl CsCl NaCl, NaCl-KCl (1:1) MgCl. TiCl 4 TiCl 4 TiCl. TiCl. TiCl 4 TiCl. At 1 atm except when stated otherwise. 120 KCl, NaCl, NaCl-KCl (1:1) SiCl 4 a 119 KCl, NaCl, NaCl-KCl (1:1) TiCl 4 122 121 117 118 116 116 116 KCl, NaCl, NaCl-KCl (1:1) VOCl a 113 NbnIm I. 51 at 900°C Reaction solubility Ul ... '" ~ [fj = ;;- ~ ~ '" '"5' 10 C) ~ :t. , g. c:r c::: 0 = [fj 52 S.

Depending upon the choice of frame of reference, the equilibrium constant for the solubility reaction(2) is either Ke = CdlCy (12) or (13) From the relationship (14) it follows that Kel Kl' = 1000RT (15) From Eq. (IS) and the well-known van't Hoff relationship, (16) and (17) From Eq. (15)-(17), it is readily shown that iJHco = iJHpo + RT (18) where iJHpo and iJHe o, respectively, are the enthalpies derived from the corresponding plots of In Ke and In Kp versus liT. The temperature dependence of solubility must also obey the Le ChiHelier principle.

Evolution of absorbed CO 2 during vacuum fusion Q""h;,. 0032 wt% at 900°C CO 2 solubility much higher than in other alkali fluorides; COF 2 formation KF: log}: [molexml 'xatmJ c_. 7 at 400'C; possible COF 2 formation Chilling method: evolution 10 mol% Al,Oa: about 10- 6 mole/ml atm; 20%: about of dissolved CO 2 upon 5 x 10- 6 mole/ml atm) at 1030 0 C quenching and subsequent absorption Reaction solubility Equilibrium constant measurements by flow method through a contact plug; X-ray of solid phases 103 V,O, SO, 24,60 Reaction solubility Solubility data Kinetic study Experimental technique 102 Ref.

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