Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome: Cellular and Molecular by David H. Ingbar, Joseph M. Lasnier (auth.), Sadis Matalon,

By David H. Ingbar, Joseph M. Lasnier (auth.), Sadis Matalon, Jacob Lasha Sznajder (eds.)

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OOl). There is also increased active sodiumtransport, lung edema clearance and alveolarepithelialNa+K-ATPase function associated with this modef'". This study found that all compartments of the lung lymphatics expandedafter the injury and edema caused by oxygen and returnedto normalwith the resolutionoflung edema. The increase could have resulted from dilatationof existing lymphatic vesselsor the formation of new lymphatic vessels. There is considerable proliferation of many cell types in this model but lung lymphatics can expandquickly in the face of acute edema.

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