Acute Renal Failure: Clinical and Experimental by Michel Burnier, Robert W. Schrier (auth.), Alberto Amerio,

By Michel Burnier, Robert W. Schrier (auth.), Alberto Amerio, Pasquale Coratelli, Vito M. Campese, Shaul G. Massry (eds.)

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And Pappenheimer, J. : Exchange of substanees through the eapillary walls. In: HANDBOOK OF PHYSIOLOGY, Seetion 2, Cireulation, Vol. 11; edited by: Hamilton, D. F. , Washington, D. , Ameriean Physiologieal Soeiety, 1963, pp. 961-1034. Avashti, P. , Evan, A. P. : Glomerular endothelial eells in uranyl nitrate-indueed aeute renal failure in rats. J. CLIN. INVEST. 65: 121-127, 1980. Avashti, P. , Evan, A. , Huser, J. W. and Luft, F. : Effeet of gentamiein on glomerular ultrastrueture. J. LAB. CLIN.

In fact, the extent of tubular cell necrosis does not correlate with the duration of renal failure ( Solez et al,1979 ), and it is very unusual in this group of patients for the histological diagnosis not to confirm the diagnosis made on clinical grounds 10% of cases, according to Mustonen et al ( 1984), especially when ischemic or pigment-associated renal damage is evident. As Table I illustrates, all nephrological groups who restrict use of renal biopsies report histological diagnosis of ATN in no more than 30% of patients, a definitely low percentage considering the frequency of this disease as a cause of ARF.

257: Biol. 1632 (1982). Laidlaw, Kopple, J. R. Zipser, T. Tasaki, S. H. W. Wu, Inhlblton of prostaglandin E2( PGE2) indomethacln (IND) J. D. release by does not decrease muscle protein degradation in acutely uremic ratss, Kidney Int. in press (1986). 60. H. Umezawa, T. Aoyagi, Acti vi tes of protei nase inhlbltors of microbial origin, Mammallan cells and tissues", North Holland, 61. A. Hershko, A. in: A. J. , Amsterdam (1977). Clechanover, protel n breakdown, Annu. Mechanlsms of intracellular Rev.

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