A Thomas More Sourcebook by Thomas More

By Thomas More

This resource booklet brings jointly vintage texts through and approximately Thomas More—poet, pupil, statesman, relatives guy, academic reformer, thinker, historian, and saint. as well as serving as an advent to More’s existence and writings for the overall reader, this assortment is a worthwhile significant other to the learn of More’s literary and philosophical masterwork, Utopia, and to the learn of sixteenth-century heritage, literature, philosophy, or politics. The writings concentration upon More’s perspectives of schooling, political conception, church-state kinfolk, love and friendship, functional politics, and the vexing problems with judgment of right and wrong. They make clear the unique Christian humanism that extra expressed and embodied. additionally integrated during this ebook are 3 recognized sixteenth-century debts of More’s existence via Erasmus, Roper, and a workforce of London playwrights together with William Shakespeare.

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36 37 38 . Here Roper errs. More was made undertreasurer of the Exchequer, and his predecessor was John Castle, not Weston. . room—office . See Edward Hall’s summary of that speech, p. . . repute me meet—declare me qualified . misrehearsal—misrepresentation . devices—opinions Appointed Speaker of the House,  His oration More is ready to obey Request for himself  Earliest Accounts of More’s Life Mine other humble request, most excellent Prince, is this: forasmuch as there be of your Commons, here by your high commandment assembled for your Parliament, a great number which are, after the accustomed manner, appointed in the Common House to treat and advise of the common affairs among themselves apart, and albeit, most dear liege Lord, that according to your prudent advice, by your honorable writs everywhere declared, there hath been as due diligence used in sending up to your Highness’s Court of Parliament the most discreet persons out of every quarter that men could esteem meet thereunto, whereby it is not to be doubted but that there is a very substantial assembly of right wise and politic persons; yet, most victorious Prince, since among so many wise men neither is every man wise alike, nor among so many men, like well-witted, every man like well-spoken, and it often happeneth that, likewise as much folly is uttered with painted polished speech, so many, boisterous and rude in language, see deep indeed, and give right substantial counsel; and since also in matters of great importance, the mind is often so occupied in the matter that a man rather studieth what to say than how, by reason whereof the wisest man and the best spoken in a whole country fortuneth among,27 while his mind is fervent in the matter, somewhat to speak in such wise as he would afterward wish to have been uttered otherwise, and yet no worse will had when he spake it, than he hath when he would so gladly change it; therefore, most gracious Sovereign, considering that in your High Court of Parliament is nothing entreated but matter of weight and importance concerning your realm and your own royal estate, it could not fail to let28 and put to silence from the giving of their advice and counsel many of your discreet Commons, to the great hindrance of the common affairs, except that every Request for of your Commons were utterly discharged of all doubt and fear how anything freedom of speech that it should happen them to speak, should happen of your Highness to be taken.

Even the court of Henry VIII he could not be induced to enter except by great efforts,5 although it would be difficult to wish for anything more cultured and more unassuming than the present king. By nature he has a great love of liberty and leisure; but dearly as he loves to enjoy leisure when he can, no one displays more energy or more endurance at the call of duty. The road to a secure place in his affections is open to anyone. In the choice of friends he is never difficult to please, in keeping up with them the most compliant of men, and in retaining them the most unfailing.

July ,  . TMSB, p. , and esp. note . 1 Earliest Accounts of omas More’s Life This chalk drawing shows the care Holbein took in order to get Thomas More’s facial expressions just right for the final oil version shown on the cover of A Thomas More Source Book. The sketch and the portrait show Sir Thomas More in , at age . The finished portrait captures the man of business who literally has work in hand, yet More’s gaze and the window in the lower corner suggest that he is simultaneously open to things unseen.

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