A Stratigraphic Index of Dinoflagellate Cysts by A. James Powell (auth.), A. J. Powell (eds.)

By A. James Powell (auth.), A. J. Powell (eds.)

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14). D. culmula Zone and the FAD of Goehteodinia villosa (as Pareodinia dasyforma) defines Sub-biozone b the top of his D. spinosum Zone. The FAD of D.? spinosum is used to separate the two Age. Portlandian, Glaucolithus to Anguiforzones. In Davey's (1982) revision of this zona- mis Ammonite Zones. tion, the names of the zones were brought into line with current taxonomic nomenclature Definition. The interval between the LAD of and the base of the G. villosa Zone apparently Scriniodinivm inritibile, and the FAD of lowered to include the Anguiformis Zone.

The interval between the FADs of Luehndea spinosa, Mancodinium semitabulatum, Maturodinium inornatum, Nannoceratopsis gracilis and Valvaeodinium armatum, and the LADs of M. inornatum and V. armatum (Figs. 8). Comments. The Luehndea spinosa (Ls) Zone Sub-biozone b of Woollam and Riding (1983) was defined as the local range of this taxon in England, which was considered to be limited to the late Age. Early Toarcian, Tenuicostatum AmmoPliensbachian, Margaritatus and Spinatum nite Zone. Zones. The discovery of the index species in large numbers in the early Toarcian Tenui- Definition.

G. Nannoceratopsis and Pareodinia) being present. After a phase of diverse and varied archaeopyle styles during Bajocian times, the Bathonian Stage represents a stable period with a predominance of epicystal, apical and single paraplate precingular archaeopyles. g. Adnatosphaeridium eaulleryi) arose during Bathonian times. Comments. The Cse Interval Biozone is based on the Ctenidodinium eombaziiCtenidodinium sellwoodii Zone of Woollam and Riding (1983). The definition of the biozonal limits is essentially the same but the stratigraphical extent of the Cse Biozone is slightly greater (see Comments for Cco Biozone).

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