A brief sketch of Urama grammer with special consideration by by Janessa L. Brown.

By by Janessa L. Brown.

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ANC2) These subordinate clauses can occur embedded in the main clause as in (73), as part of a series of clauses following the main clause as in (74) and sentence finally as in (75). 2 Subordination – Adjunct Time and Location Clauses Another clause marker, da, is used to mark an adjunct time clause as shown in (76) below. This is commonly glossed in English as ‘when’ or ‘as’ and can be conceptualized as ‘location in time’. 76) [Ka maniki ro nu vihiai eve'ai da], [CCJN monkeyAG 3S friend see LOC] ka amiai va CCJN some omodo'oi ka.

1, Ray analyzed as a future tense marker. Although ri does have to do with events that often will happen in the future, it can occur when the main verb of the sentence is in the past tense. ] to] So they swam back the way they had come. back’ in the first clause. But it has the meaning of intent or purpose. They turned around, intending to return along the path that they had come on. The morpheme ri has an inceptive use in constructions with ovaharo ‘start’ as in (73) below. 73) Aro'o hibai that ro crocodile AG [niti iohoi ri] [3D seek ovaharoi ka SUBCL] start oboi DEC water tuai.

Conditions for the occurrence of the agent marker ro are guided by discourse considerations of focus versus backgrounding and of participant reference. ” A major difference 29 Very Important Participant 53 between Urama and Island Kiwai is that Ray claims the ro particle occurred on all parts of speech in Island Kiwai. While we do not see this distribution in Urama, ro does seem to be used in discourse to emphasize subjects. 1 Overview of Tense, Aspect and Modality in Urama Particles such as ma and ha tend to occur preverbally, but there are occasions where they can occur postverbally, albeit much less commonly.

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