A Brief History of Korea by Mark Peterson

By Mark Peterson

A background of Korea from the origins of its humans in prehistoric occasions to the industrial and political state of affairs in North and South Korea at first of the twenty first century. The e-book presents an in depth evaluation of the cultural and old affects that experience formed Korean society.

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There was movement to adopt Chinese institutions, but the process was a long one, barely beginning at this point in Silla. Korean institutions persisted, and aside from a few exceptions, Chinese forms did not take over. One such native institution was the hwabaek, which apparently meant the “harmony of the white-headed,” meaning a council of elders. A remnant of the tribal alliances from which the kingdom grew, the hwabaek continued to function well into the Silla kingdom. Silla’s capital, once called Sorabol, was later renamed Kyongju.

However, Koguryo 33 A Brief History of Korea proved remarkably resilient. It withstood six invasions from two of the most powerful dynasties China would ever know. In the meantime, the southern part of the Korean Peninsula was locked in hostilities. Paekche attacked Silla, and Silla turned to Koguryo for an alliance to beat back the invasion. The competing three kingdoms had endured from the third to the seventh centuries through a balance of power. Like an equilateral triangle, a strong geometric structure, the three-sided political configuration remained well balanced.

Poem translated by Mark Peterson. 29 A Brief History of Korea sures recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Japan. Inside the museum at Horyuji is a bodhisattva called the Kudara Kannon. It is a figure of the Goddess of Mercy (the bodhisattva Avalokitesvara, Kannon in Japanese, Kwanum or Kwanseum in Korean) made of wood. A bodhisattva is a follower of the Buddha who has gained the right to enter nirvana but stays back to assist fellow human beings. 5 feet (2 m) tall, it is one of the oldest treasures in Japan.

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